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An Overview of Homestead Crater, by Alma Tuck

Homestead Crater

Fed by the Midway Hotsprings, Homestead Crater in Utah is a truly striking structure. The 55-foot-tall limestone rock is shaped like a giant beehive, and it hides a lovely geothermal spring whose water maintains a year-round temperature of 90 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

A tunnel through the rock allows ground-level access to the crater. Decks let visitors enjoy the crystal-clear springs in a variety of ways, including swimming, snorkeling, or simply taking a guided tour of the natural wonder. Adventurous guests can try a unique paddleboard yoga class or experience the thrill of scuba diving in the only warm-water diving destination in the continental US. The calm water and comfortable temperatures make Homestead Crater the ideal location for a diving certification course.

About the Author: Alma Tuck is a Utah-based software and Internet developer. Educated at Utah Valley State College, he counts diving Homestead Crater as one of his most memorable experiences.