An Overview of the Homestead Caldera By Alma Tuck

As an experienced scuba diver, I recommend Homestead Caldera in Midway, Utah, to all divers looking to explore an exciting new location. A dome spanning 55 feet, the Crater, as it is known, consists of a natural hot spring within the confines of the dome. Upon immersing yourself in the Crater’s warm waters, you will not spot any aquatic life, as the warm temperatures do not accommodate it. Instead, concentrate on the hourglass-shaped walls made by mineral deposits accumulated over thousands of years. Underwater lights cast eerie glows about the cavern, making for an atmospheric and warm scuba trip. Even so, pack a dive light, as the cave’s natural darkness remains quite thick.

About the Author: Knowledgeable in marketing, information technology, and business, Alma Tuck most recently served as the founder and co-owner of City Site Builders, a Salt Lake City-based marketing company created to acquire medium and high-end websites. In his free time, Alma Tuck enjoys scuba diving, aviation, and various outdoor pursuits.


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